The History of Hall's Ice Cream

    Around 1905, while still living within the limits of Millerstown, William J. Hall began selling milk from a metal can and ladle hauled to town by a horse drawn buggy.  Shortly after moving a few miles outside of town to "Pleasant Home Farm", rumor has it that he bought the last remaining cow in town.  Not long after, he purchased a specially constructed delivery wagon from Swab Wagon Co. in Elizabethville, for the purpose of delivering milk.  Pulled by "Dolly", the wheels turned completely under the front of the wagon allowing for zero turn radius and there was a spigot for dispensing the milk from a can that had a stirring rod that could be used to keep the milk from separating.  This continued until 1916 when William Hall's health failed and he had to quit.  Several of Mr. Hall's neighbors began delivering milk to replace his business in Raccoon Valley. 

    In 1926, Mr. James Beaver of Little Pfoutz Valley began the first delivery of milk in glass bottles under the name Echo Glen Dairy.  In 1939, William's son, John K. Hall along with his sons, John Allen, William (Bill) and James (Jim), built a plant at the "Pleasant Home Farm" site and were the first to introduce Pasteurized Milk in the area and eight years later in 1947 were the first in the area to begin Homogenizing Milk.

    Also in 1947, John Allen began manufacturing ice cream, having taken a short course at Penn State University.  The milk and ice cream business continued at this location until John K.'s death in 1964.  Following his father's death the business merged with Miller Brothers' Dairy in Millersburg and John Allen remained as manager and ice cream maker at the Millerstown location.  In 1982, Miller Brothers' sold the milk business to Harrisburg Dairies and the ice cream remained with John Allen.  He continued to make his trademark ice cream until health began to fail in 1994 at which time his son and daughter, Allen and Margaret (Peggy Hall) Raub, took over the operation

    The first delivery routes were mainly in the Millerstown and local Perry County area.  Later they were expanded into Juniata County.  Today Hall's Ice Cream can be found in Perry, Juniata, Mifflin, Snyder, Dauphin, Cumberland and Adams counties.

    Hall's makes over 40 flavors of premium (14% butterfat), Premium Honey (14% butterfat and 8% PA Preferred Honey), lite, and no sugar added ice creams and several flavors of sherbet.  They can customize flavors or put ice cream in molds such as bells or teddy bears for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays.

    Hall's Ice Cream is sold in grocery and convenience stores and served in restaurants.  Carnivals, festivals and special events purchase Hall's Ice Cream to sell as a fundraiser, some using the free "Dipping Trailer".  Hall's caters to businesses for client/customer appreciation events, employee parties and picnics, as well as organizations for community events.

    Hall's Ice Cream Parlor is open weekends year round and daily, June thru August, where local residents, those living in surrounding counties, and those from as far away as California come to enjoy Hall's Ice Cream.

    Hall's Ice Cream ships ice cream across the United States for people that are looking for that special flavor or hungry for a "taste of home".