Ice Cream Flavors

Vanilla  * +                             Cherry Vanilla                             "Love99" Malted Munchie

Chocolate  * +                        Maple Walnut

Raspberry  +                          Chocolate Chip                            ABC Root Beer

Strawberry                            Chocolate Chip Mint                    Peach                  

Peanut Butter                        Chocolate Malt                            Pineapple

Butter Pecan +                       Chocolate Marshmallow                Pumpkin - Seasonal

Banana                                  Chocolate Peanut Butter             

Cinnamon +                            Teaberry

ABC White Birch Beer              Coffee                                       

Black Cherry                          Cookie                                        Tracks ♦

Black Cherry Vanilla               Cookie Dough ♦                            Vanilla Fudge

Black Walnut                         Coconut Custard                           Vanilla/Orange Sherbet •

Blueberry                               French Vanilla                              Monkey Butter (Banana/Pnut Butter)

Butter Krunch                        Fort Hunter Black Cherry Walnut   

Butterscotch                          Grapenut                                    

Candy Cane - Seasonal            Irish Creme                                

Dark Chocolate                       Salted Caramel                                                                                   


# Also available in LITE        • Not available in PINT    + Honey Flavors

* Also available in NO SUGAR ADDED     ♦ Available in 3 gal. or 5 qt. bucket only


Hall's Ice Cream is packaged in 3 gallon square cardboard containers; 5 quart plastic bucket with resealable lid;  56 oz. plastic resealable containers; 16 oz. plastic resealable containers; and 4 oz. and 6 oz Dixie Cups.  The 6 oz. Dixie Cups are available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Raspberry.  All other flavors in 6 oz. and all flavors in 4 oz. need to be ordered 2 weeks in advance from May thru September and 4 weeks in advance between October and April.